We won’t advise you on IT strategy until we know the bigger picture or have helped you define it . We use a proven assessment model to understand where your business is today and where you need to get to. Then we blend our knowledge of your business with our technology expertise to deliver the right solution for you.


Your IT choices are influenced by so much: your business goals, your customers’ expectations, your competitors, your current systems and the needs of your people. We’ll analyse all of it, and then advise you on how to adapt, evolve and improve your technology to support your objectives and environments as they evolve.

  • Staged implementation strategy
  • ROI optimisation
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Hybrid planning and design
  • Resource restructuring
  • Project management
  • Cloud evaluation
  • Vendor-agnostic system design
  • Due diligence
  • Risk and compliance assessments
  • Business Continuity
  • Industry Insight
  • Market Benchmarking
  • Trend analysis
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Virtual CTO

Every organisation needs a technology visionary to support and champion the IT agenda; someone to keep abreast of emerging technologies and advise the business on how to make use of them. If you don’t have the resources to retain a full-time CTO, a virtual CTO is an ideal alternative. With Atech you get a hands-on virtual CTO who’ll give you expert help and advice – without the overhead that comes with a full-time senior hire.

  • Impartial consultancy
  • IT and technology road-mapping
  • IT and technology gap analysis
  • Commercial strategy alignment
  • Change management

Technology Audits

Business moves fast, piling constant pressure on your IT infrastructure and resources. You need to know it can cope with the demands placed on it today, as well as whatever the future may bring. We can audit your IT and Technology to uncover new opportunities, identify any risk areas and help you continue operating with confidence. Once you know where you need to go, we’ll help you get there with best practice recommendations.

  • Wireless performance
  • Network security
  • Infrastructure efficiency
  • Backup speeds and coverage
  • Energy consumption

Strategic Sourcing

To get strategic with your sourcing, you need to analyse what your organisation buys, from whom, at what price and volume. Strategic sourcing differs from conventional purchasing because it places emphasis on the entire life-cycle of a product, not just its initial purchase price. If you’re ready to go beyond just procurement, we can help. We’ll apply our industry knowledge, leverage and economies of scale and share this insight with you to ensure you can buy smart and continue to work smart.

  • Benchmark suppliers
  • Manage hybrid vendors
  • Manage your tenders
  • Develop cost matrices


Information security is one of the biggest risk factors facing your organisation today. Atech works constantly on your behalf to understand the latest threats and security technologies, giving you regular and timely advice on how to protect your organisation. We are also serious about our own security practices; deploying the same measures as we advise you to use, and ensuring that all of our remote access sessions to your systems are recorded and protected by two-factor authentication.

  • Penetration testing
  • Remote access
  • Secure logins
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Wireless and network security
  • Mobile device management