"I'm passionate about making myself accessible to our people and clients; always challenging myself to learn, develop and continuously improve each day, whilst making sure that Atech stays true to our core values."

Atech Support was co-founded by Russell in 2006, with a focus on stepping outside the normal customer / supplier relationship, in order to offer better solutions and exceptional experience

The company has continued to grow under Russell’s vision and guidance. His passion to remain accessible to all staff members and clients has influenced the company’s collaborative and supportive work environment

Before co-founding Atech, Russell spent 10 years gaining extensive experience in management and business. Running large scale property developments including the technical aspects of Smart Homes has allowed him to utilise the knowledge and experience gained to steer Atech in an upward direction.

Russell strives to improve each day by continually challenging himself to learn and develop both mentally and physically, whilst encouraging those around him to also do the same

His secret talent is… (drum roll please) … Cooking! Which he believes he is exceptionally good at doing. When Russell isn’t working, he is; traveling, learning and spending time with his family and friends

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