Talk to any policeman or any security consultant and they’ll tell you that there’s no use at all in spending thousands on reinforced steel doors and complex modern locks if you also leave a window wide open.

It’s common sense, when you think about it, but robberies happen up and down the country because people don’t think about it that way; the thought that runs through their heads is “I need some fresh air”.

A Matter of Perspective

The chances are, in 2019, your business’ network security has the digital equivalent of reinforced doors, biometric locks, and even a guard dog or two to sound the alarm – but the odds are also good that your network security has a wide-open, ground floor window. More and more often, when news leaks of a daring digital raid or a flagrant hack, we hear that the hackers got in through the printer.

Wireless Networking Weak Spots

It used to be that the biggest potential weak spot in your wireless network would be your router, but almost every business now takes the time to change their router settings from the default and to take other security precautions.

However, the wireless printer doesn’t receive the same care and attention – because people tend not to think of it as accessible from outside the internal networks. We’ve reached a point now where some enterprise-class wireless printers come with beefed up protection against intrusions – but is it enough?

Staying Secure

We take our clients’ information security very seriously. Preventative maintenance and remote monitoring are both services we can offer to head off these intrusions and to minimise them as and when they occur. This allows us to provide a stronger service and keep our clients safe.

Your network infrastructure should always be something you think carefully about. Printer security is the latest challenge – but it won’t be the last one. Work with Atech to keep an eye on upcoming threats in time to stay safe – get in touch to find out how we can help you.