As more and more businesses rely on technology solutions to accomplish their everyday tasks, there is a natural expectation for there to be a bit of a learning curve as these advanced solutions are prioritised and accounted for. However, a few industry research firms have compiled their expectations for how this learning curve tendency will influence the needs and challenges businesses will face during 2018.

The results these firms found differ slightly, but they also share common trends that can tell us important things about how many small and medium-sized businesses will prioritise their growth in the next few months.

Top three challenges of 2018

While placing them in different priority order in each of their studies, the firms found their top three challenges related to: budgetary and cost restrictions, maintaining the operations of their existing solutions and securing their workforce against threats (although one of the data sets indicated that this concern was more focused on mobile security measures). If we take the liberty of drawing a few inferences from this focus on these concerns, we can see that SMBs have a fairly universal set of priorities that will require somewhat similar solutions.

Many business owners who have had to review their company finances and prioritise their expenses to reflect their goals will be able to confirm that it can be a considerable task. The challenges that an SMB faces are therefore largely focused on getting the most return for their investments while attempting to reduce the total amount of capital spent.

How a Managed Service Provider can help

These financial challenges, however, can be faced much more easily with the help of a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Without an MSP in their corner, companies tended to provide a minimum budget for their IT solutions in the hope that nothing unexpected would pop up, only to have to sacrifice what little budget they had when some issue did pop up. Alternatively, an MSP offers its services as a consistent, budgetable expense. This allows a company to predict their probable IT spending and plan a budget around a more consistent balance.

An MSP’s services can also easily apply to the other major concerns that the aforementioned studies identified. Through their proactive services, MSPs can effectively ensure that the solutions a company has in place remain fully operational and enhance their productivity. This is accomplished by actively monitoring their solutions to catch looming issues as quickly as possible, often before they affect the company’s systems. The same can be said of the security procedures a company has in place; part of the MSP’s responsibilities are to ensure that security solutions are maintained and are as effective as possible.

Remember, these are just the three top identified challenges. Many of the other technology challenges that are anticipated to influence companies throughout 2018 can also be mitigated through an MSP’s services. To learn how an MSP can ensure that your IT is more of a benefit to your business than a challenge, contact us today.