Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are the two biggest cloud service providers in the world. Deciding which cloud provider to use for your business or organisation can be a difficult decision.

The answer will depend on a variety of different considerations including:

  • Cost
  • Security
  • Onboarding/Migration process

It also depends on whether your company engages in emerging technologies and what industry sector you compete in. It has been reported, that by 2020, cloud spending will account for nearly a quarter of all IT budgets. For such an expensive service that requires so much effort to implement, organisations naturally feel the pressure to make the right cloud provider choice for their teams.

Azure is more open to hybrid cloud environmentsAWS has a weak hybrid working environment
Microsoft allow you to repurpose your current Microsoft licenses in Azure for Server and SQLAWS works best when deployed into Linux environments
Microsoft charges by the minute allowing for more accurate usage costsAWS charges by the hour which can mean you pay for time you haven’t used
Total support for legacy Microsoft AppsAWS is simpler to use for Devops
Azure can be up to 5 times cheaper AWS transaction costs can become overwhelming
Microsoft have built dedicated tools to ensure a smooth migration from on premise Microsoft to Azure AWS have been offering cloud services longer and have a better Analytics and Big Data solution
Leverage all the SaaS Office apps like SharePoint and OneDrive in AzureAWS has more service offerings and apps than Azure allowing the user to truly customize the environment

To ensure you receive the most informative and bespoke solution to meet your requirements, making sure the Cloud Managed Service Provider is the right fit to enable the success throughout the life cycle of your cloud journey. Read our tips for choosing a CMSP.