In simple terms, businesses need to keep doing business – even during major IT outages. As an organisation, you need to adopt a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy that keeps your data safe, and your apps and workloads up and running, when planned and unplanned outages occur.

As a cloud managed service provider, Atech leverage Microsoft Azure technology to deliver the business continuity solution, one that seamlessly fails over and enabling you to easily access and restore your data. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have the experience, tried and trusted processes and governance to meet your regulatory requirements and business RTO’s. 

Business Continuity – The process through which an organisation recovers from a disaster and continues normal business operations.  

Failover – The constant capability to automatically and seamlessly switch to a highly reliable backup. 

Recovery time objective – How fast you need to get your data and applications back 

Azure Site Recovery service 

Ensure business continuity by keeping your applications running in Azure. Azure Site Recovery makes it simple for you to test disaster recovery by replicating applications between Azure regions. You can also replicate on-premises VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines and physical servers to Azure to stay available if the primary site goes down. Recover workloads to the primary site when it’s up and running again. 

Azure Backup service 

Keep your data safe and recoverable by backing it up to Azure. Azure Backup is a simple solution that decreases your infrastructure costs while giving you enhanced security mechanisms to protect your data against ransomware. With one solution, you can protect workloads running in Azure and on-premises across Linux, Windows, VMware and Hyper-V. 

Azure Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery 

Atech’s cloud backup and disaster recovery services help organisations recover quickly and cost-effectively from any disruption. We do this by helping you create plans and strategies aligned with your business requirements. We thoroughly analyse your business processes and objectives to secure your business resiliency. Minimizing your risk and protect your assets with Atech’s data backup planning and disaster recovery services 

Interested in learning more about Backup and Disaster Recovery? Atech provides bespoke solutions to meet your governance and regulatory requirements. Feel free to get in contact with one of our digital transformation experts to start understanding the supremacy of the cloud and how you can very quickly start to experience the benefit of a true partnership.