Technology maintenance and management is one of the major pain points of all businesses, but it can be handled more easily by large organisations that have large budgets. Unfortunately, small organisations, due to budget constraints, often place such an important aspect of managing their business on the back burner. How, then, can you take advantage of proactive IT maintenance without breaking your budget?

SMB’s often have a lot of work on their plates due to having smaller workforces. Thus, something as important as IT gets put on hold in favour of other day to day responsibilities. The problem is if IT is not managed properly it will result in downtime. Adding a few heads to focus on technology management would be a solution, but adding salaries to your budget can be an expensive option. Ultimately, there’s a better and more cost-effective way.

More than just break-fix IT

Before you consider hiring technical staff, let’s have a conversation about managing your technology so you don’t need to focus on it. If you’ve been burned in the past, we get it, which is why we do things differently. Ordinarily, a business seeking technology support would suffer from what’s known as break-fix IT. This is a type of maintenance that your business seeks out when it’s suffering from broken technology.

When your technology doesn’t work properly, you will seek assistance. The break-fix IT provider will then dispatch someone to resolve your problem. They will finish their work and you’ll pay any support fees that you’ve incurred (sometimes this includes travel time, an hourly budget, parts, service fees, etc.). This type of IT maintenance is more reactive than proactive, as it responds only when you are currently experiencing problems rather than preventing them in the first place.

Proactive maintenance

At Atech, we pride ourselves on proactive IT maintenance. This type of managed service can remotely monitor and resolve most issues that your organisation encounters before they evolve into bigger, more expensive problems. An example of this is the active monitoring of your network for signs of hardware failure, then proceeding to assist you with replacing the problematic hardware before you have to deal with downtime. It’s just one way that your business benefits from proactive IT maintenance.

Thus, as long as it’s covered in your service level agreement, managed IT expenses will continue to be much easier to budget than the costs associated with break-fix technology maintenance. Outsourced IT services from Atech can be your first step towards optimising your business’ operations and taking the strain of IT management off your capital budget. To learn more, reach out to our Consultants and Architects today.