The global banking scene is seeing dramatic shifts thanks to the rise of FinTech or Financial Technology. With this technology, traditional financial services, such as personal wealth management and payments, are being replaced by smart technological innovations.

There’s little doubt that the London is the beating heart of FinTech advancements, but how  has this position has been secured?

Dominating the FinTech Industry

An independent report commissioned by HM Treasury has indicated that the UK is the fastest growing region for FinTech, seeing over $1bn valuation startups alone. This year’s Fintech50, a list of the hottest FinTech firms, was unveiled in London. The list revealed that London is home to more of Europe’s innovative and progressive FinTech startups than ever before.

Given the way that London wholeheartedly welcomes the FinTech industry, it’s not hard to see why startups flock here. July saw FinTech Week 2017, where some of the biggest names in UK and international FinTech gathered for a series of conferences on the issues affecting Britain’s FinTech sector. Hosted by the Chancellor, speakers included Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, and Simon Kirby, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, as well as many others.

Coupled with the fact that FinTech giants such as InvestCloud opening FinTech incubators and accelerations on London, allowing new firms to take advantage of their platforms for the development of their own FinTech tools, it’s no surprise that London is at the centre of the world’s FinTech growth.

The Growing Need for Digital Security

With more and more banking and financial transactions happening digitally, it’s increasingly important to make certain that adequate security measures are in place.

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