Microsoft Azure leads the industry in establishing clear security and privacy requirements and then consistently meeting these requirements. In today’s world, businesses face challenges when it comes to security; partnering with Atech enables you to tackle these head on with Microsoft Azure.

Implementing Azure security centre helps to protect your workload. This is undertaken using Microsoft Three Pillars for cloud security. 

Strengthen Security Posture  

  • Manage organisational security policy and compliance 
  • Continuously access security state  
  • Optimise and improve security by configuring recommended controls   

Protect against threats

  • Detect and clock advance threats for servers  
  • Detect threats across IaaS and PaaS services using advance analytics  
  • Reduce exposure to brute force attacks  
  • Protect data services against malicious attacks  

Get Secure Faster   

  • Discover and Onboard Azure resources  
  • Extend to server workloads running in other clouds and on-premise datacentres  
  • Integrate with existing workflows and tools (SIEM, NG Firewalls etc…)

Partnering with Atech enables access to these security features, protecting your environment against potential threats. Using our experience and qualified Azure experts enables a fast deployment across your environment. We help our partners get the very best from Microsoft security centre.