Cloud security and management is a shared commitment and we’re happy to help.

Monitor your cloud health

Moving workloads into Microsoft Azure? Then there is another skillset you must master…cloud optimisation. To configure and tune your Microsoft Azure platform for optimal performance and availability takes knowledge; the type of knowledge Atech have developed over years of working with Microsoft Azure, so you don’t have to. We understand the importance of optimising disk configurations and I/O performance as well as how to choose the right products and services in Azure that best fit your requirements.

Getting full visibility into the health and performance of your Azure workloads, apps and infrastructure is straight forward using OMS, combined with other products and industry know how. By collecting and presenting data from these sources, it allows our partners to gain rich insights into their environment. Atech help to provide you with any relevant information about your environment using interactive queries and full-text search; performing root-cause analysis with advanced analytics, including machine learning algorithms. We deliver a significantly better service fixing issues faster with alert setting, automation and integration with other systems.

Atech Azure optimisation focuses on these areas:

  • Configuration – Minimising costs, time and effort and increasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Governance – Provide mechanisms and processes to maintain control over your environment and resources in Azure.
  • Security – Managing security of your environment involves a combination of assessing threats, collecting and analysing security data and ensuring that your resources are designed and configured in a secure fashion.
  • Protecting – Ensuring that your environment is always available, even in the case of outages beyond your control.

How do we optimise and keep our partners’ environments, secure, available and governed? Through our knowledge and years of industry experience in configuring and using OMS, Atech can offer the best ongoing services available in the marketplace. We take the time to invest and learn so our partners can rely on our strategic advice and the way that we look after their environments on a day to day basis.

Our Azure experts can help make a positive asset, such as Azure OMS, work for you. So, whether you are looking to migrate, consolidate, modernise or expand your environment into the cloud or optimise existing platforms – Atech can help you every step of the way.

Want to know more?

Download our white paper on Azure Optimisation.