Exciting times are afoot here at Atech Support, with a recent move to new premises signalling a big opportunity for us to bring our clients an even better service.

This new place is flexible, easily reconfigured to fit our current needs, and boasts a huge comms and build room – our Service Addicts® couldn’t be happier with what they’ve got in front of them; this makes it much easier for us to put the projects our clients need into play.

Active Desking

We’ve brought in Sit Stand Desks to make active desking easier. These are ergonomically designed and built for active desking, making it easy to shift position and prevent the hazards of prolonged periods sitting still. These have made maybe the biggest splash of all with the team!

We’re closer than ever to shops and restaurants to keep us fuelled and ready, and the showers on the premises mean that our days start smoother than ever.

We also have more car parking than ever and we’re within walking distance from the mainline to London Marylebone – we couldn’t be more accessible.

A Growing Presence

This is all part of Atech’s long-term growth plans, allowing us to support our existing clients even more effectively and to help more. We want to be a major presence for our clients, working as a positive factor to support you throughout.

To find out how this can benefit you, please get in touch.