Apple Device Management – Jamf

Do your workforce use Apple products? Everything from iPhones and iPads up to the most powerful iMac or MacBook can benefit from use of Jamf – enterprise mobility management (EMM) software designed for Apple devices.

Scaling up Systems

Let’s start with the basics. Jamf makes it easy to link your team’s hardware and designate specific groups – giving you a set of ‘networks’ grouped by company division, location, job role and whatever else seems appropriate.

Once you have them set up like this, device management and oversight becomes a breeze.

The Tools You Need

It’s also possible to review the business’ entire Apple inventory at a glance, so you can check that everyone’s on the right version of each app – no failures to upgrade past security threats, no risk that someone’s running an advanced app which isn’t yet compatible with other services.

You can also use Jamf to handle software troubleshooting remotely. Jamf allows your IT team to monitor network and data security concerns across all Apple devices in your company’s network – without violating user privacy. It can be used to respond to issues real-time and keep your network environment free from harm.

As an added bonus, you can set Jamf to trigger an alert if that starts happening, making sure you’re good to go right from the off. And because you can configure your workforce into groups, you can make exceptions for your IT team or anyone else who might need them.

Smart Management for Apps

Whenever you roll out a new app across a large workforce, you have to budget a lot of time for problem solving – but you can speed it up vastly using EMM like Jamf. You can pre-set which groups’ devices will get the software and pre-configure it according to what they need.

Next time the device is connected to a Jamf smart group, the app will upload, already properly configured.

Jamf alone isn’t a perfect solution – but it’s a tool that extends the flexibility and range of your IT support, both internally and as part of an IT consultancy with Atech.

It’s a great example of what cloud computing can do for a large-scale organisation.

Atech and Jamf

Our Service Addicts able to identify problems for clients who use Jamf; find solutions and apply fixes without wasting time travelling out to the job site or recruiting the field team – they can get right back to what they’re doing.

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